Introduction to Pteridophyta

15 Apr



ISBN : 978-81-224-0771-6 
Publication Year : 1995
Edition : Ist
Reprint : 2009
Pages : 328
Price : Rs. 195.00 
Binding : Paperback


An Introduction to pteridophyta is a text book meant for B.Sc., B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc. students of all universities. The book is divided into nine chapters dealing with all aspects of pteridology including current research carried upto 1994. The first and eighth chapters deal with topics of comparative morphology such as stelar evolution, origin of pteridophytes etc. including Indian contributions to pteridology. Chapter nine deals exclusively with experimental pteridology. Chapters 3-7 deal with life histories of representative members of various groups of pteridophyta. Chapter 2 briefly deals with fossils and their importance.

Profusely illustrated, the book should prove to be a useful text book for students as well as teachers.


Dr. S. Sundara Rajan holds the degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Botany from the University of Mysore. He has been teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate classes for nearly 28 years. Dr. Sundara Rajan has authored more than a dozen books on Botany. He has research interests in plant morphology, phytochemistry and Evolution besides history of botany in ancient India. Dr. Sundara Rajan has travelled abroad widely and has presented papers in many international Conferences. He has published over 30 research papers on embryology, palynology, anatomy, ecology, evolution and history of Botany.


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